Ultimate Classic Rock is proud to present the exclusive premiere of "Swing Street," a track from Toto co-founder Steve Porcaro's upcoming debut solo album Someday/Somehow.

Due June 10, Someday/Somehow represents the culmination of decades of recording for Porcaro, who started working on the earliest of the LP's tracks in 1983. "I’ve always been writing and recording over the years, hoping to find homes for these songs with other artists," he explained in a press release. "Lately, I’ve been reminded repeatedly how short life is, and I think it’s finally sinking in and with the encouragement of my band, family and fans, I decided it was time to remove my excuses, throw down, let go and finish these songs the way I hear them."

You can listen to "Swing Street" below.

Porcaro's had some painful personal reminders of life's fragility, losing a pair of brothers and bandmates over the past 25 years. Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro succumbed to a heart attack in 1992, and last year, bassist Mike Porcaro lost a long battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. "Back to You," the album's oldest track, features work by all three Porcaro brothers.

Like the other members of the band, Porcaro has enjoyed a long and fruitful session career outside Toto — perhaps most notably through his work on Michael Jackson's landmark Thriller album, which includes a co-writing credit on the song "Human Nature." A few of the many other artists he's worked with along the way include Don Henley, Yes, Elton John and Boz Scaggs.

Porcaro enlisted a number of friends for support on Someday/Somehow, including five-time Grammy winner and longtime Toto associate Michael McDonald, who contributes vocals to a pair of songs — "Night of Our Own" and "Swing Street."

Check out Porcaro's official site for further details, and pre-order your copy of the album now.

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