For the second time in a week, Steve Perry joined Eels onstage. This time it was at Washington, D.C.'s historic Lincoln Theatre, with Perry now sitting in on four songs. The video is embedded above.

In this latest performance, Perry is rather chatty with the crowd, introducing Eels' track 'It's a Motherf---er' by solemnly stating, "There is a song that really spoke to me. It is a song about profound loss. I recently lost someone who is the love of my life and I revisited that song. It meant even more to me."

The overall atmosphere lightens from there, however. Perry shared with those gathered how the perhaps unlikely collaboration between himself and Eels came to fruition:

"For years we have been friends," Perry says, motioning to Eels leader E. "And for years, we have played croquet, we have gone to dinners, we hang out. 'Why don't you come out sometime and sing?' I haven't done it in a long time...I want to thank the Eels for getting my ass out and singing with them."

He then covered Sam Cooke's 'Only Sixteen' before moving on to the same two Journey classics as last week, 'Open Arms' and 'Lovin,' Touchin,' Squeezin'.'

Last Sunday night, he joined the group at their show in St. Paul, MN., marking the first time in almost two decades that Perry had performed live. Afterwards, E called it "such a beautiful moment. Again, it sent chills down my spine just to be there with him in his element doing what he was made to do. And as my friend, it felt good to see him feeling so good about that.”

Current Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda went on record inviting Perry reclaim his rightful spot in the Journey lineup. “He should come back. His voice is still there..missed that voice,” Pineda said in a tweet to a fan. “He can take over too. It’s his righteous place anyway..wanna see them happy together.”

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