It was years in the making, but Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris finally emerged with his 'British Lion' solo record, and we're teaming up with Loudwire to bring you a new prize pack surrounding the disc that includes the record and a poster of the bass great.

Harris recently stated that fans of Iron Maiden shouldn't worry about the new disc taking away from his main project, and that it fits a different mold than what Maiden does. He explained, "This is not throwaway Maiden stuff. These are not riffs that I could’ve used in Maiden because, like I said, it was done with other people. As soon as that happens, it’s not gonna be used in Maiden.”

As for the sound, the bassist revealed, "Well, what I think and what other people will think might be two different things, but I’d say it’s more mainstream rock than metal, very British sounding, very '70s-influenced and quite commercial … but good commercial. There’s all kinds of stuff going on, with nods to the Who and UFO and some classic British rock bands, but it’s not the progressive rock album some might be expecting."

So be sure to check out Steve Harris' 'British Lion' album, which is currently available on iTunes, and enter to win the Steve Harris 'British Lion' prize pack by submitting your details in the box below.