Sophie Tweed-Simmons, the 22-year old daughter of Gene Simmons, has launched her own clothing line. You can see her discussing her new venture on 'Good Morning America' in the video above.

Her New Year's Eve collection, which can be seen at her website, is a partnership with the Style Club and, unlike other designs, is geared toward women of all sizes. “We're not trying to thin-shame," she said. "We're not trying to fat-shame. We're just saying that there's not really an option for girls that look like me.”

She describes the style of her line as "like a sexy grandma. A sexy rocker grandma."

Earlier this year, Tweed-Simmons spoke out against the pressure to conform to a rail-thin ideal of beauty. "I will never have a thigh-gap or nymph-like candid shots," she said. "I will never weigh 120 pounds while being in good health. And honestly, other than being truly healthy, I don’t care to try anymore.”

Tweed-Simmons admitted that the public scrutiny regarding her weight when 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' was on the air was difficult, but it helped her accept. “You know, ‘Gene Simmons’ chubby daughter,’ or, ‘Gene Simmons’ whale,’” she said. “And so I had to become comfortable with what I had to work with at a really early age.”

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