Mick Jagger was joined by other rock luminaries including Jeff Beck, Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire during his stint hosting the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live,' where the Rolling Stones frontman proved adept at not just music, but comedy and political punditry as well.

The boys who fight foo and Arcade Fire joined him for a medley of '19th Nervous Breakdown' and 'It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It),' while Arcade Fire also backed Jagger on 'The Last Time,' 'She's Like a Rainbow' and 'Ruby Tuesday.'

The latter songs were done during a graduation-themed sketch likely meant as a farewell to 'SNL' cast member Kristen Wiig, the 'Bridesmaids' mastermind believed to be exiting the show for greener pastures.

Jagger also deadpanned during a karaoke bit while others did Stones songs, and teamed up with Beck for the bluesy 'Tea Party,' which Jagger wrote about the upcoming election.

"If you want to sleep in the West Wing, you got to strategize a bit," Jagger sang. "Who will be the president come November? Well, it's anyone's guess ... After six months, he'll be screaming, 'Get me out of this mess.'"

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