Rock stars dabble in non-musical business activities all the time, but if you thought Slash was just looking for a tax write-off or a casual hobby when he moved into film production, think again.

As fans may recall, the guitarist debuted his Slasher Films banner last year, when he co-produced and wrote the soundtrack for the horror movie, 'Nothing Left to Fear.' And although Slasher doesn't appear to be involved with his latest film project, he's just been announced as an executive producer for the upcoming Western thriller 'Cut Throats Nine,' starring Mads Mikkelsen ('Hannibal') and Harvey Keitel ('Bad Lieutenant').

Directed by Rodrigo Gudino, 'Throats' is a remake of Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent's 1972 spaghetti Western about the horrors that await a band of U.S. cavalrymen on their mission to escort a group of convicts across the Rocky Mountains. After most of the troops are killed, one sergeant and his daughter remain, determined to bring the prisoners the rest of the way on foot. Saying the new version "updates and expands upon the themes of the original for a modern audience, while retaining the edge that made the original a cult classic," the 'Cut Throats Nine' press release promises "both a Western and a thriller" that "approaches the genre with the philosophy that the biggest monster of them all is a human being pushed to its limits."

It's obviously an idea that appeals to Slash, who enthused, "I'm really excited about seeing 'Cut Throats Nine' come to life. It's a brilliant script with great characters. The story is gritty, tough, shocking and ballsy with great twists and turns throughout."

No release date has been announced, but production is expected to begin late this year.

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