Skid Row singer Tony Harnell took a number of fans — and his former bandmates — by surprise when he announced his departure from the group earlier this week.

The band shared its shock with a Facebook post giving fans the surprising news that Harnell's public proclamation was the first they'd heard of his exit. "We found out about his decision the same way all of you did, via his post on social media. He had posted that he was no longer in the band before informing the band personally," reads the update. "The last we spoke with Tony was on Dec 17th."

According to Skid Row, when they spoke with Harnell, he was in the hospital being treated for what they described as "bronchitis with asthmatic symptoms." "We were all very concerned and offered any assistance we could to help him get healthy," continues the post. "Due to his condition, we were forced to cancel our show in Chicago on Dec. 19. The next time we heard anything was his post yesterday."

Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances of Harnell's departure, the band noted they're now "moving forward and wish Tony the best in his future endeavors" — and cautioned fans that as of right now, there's nothing on the table in terms of a reunion with former singer Sebastian Bach or a tour with Guns N' Roses.

Presumably chastened by the fallout from his posts — one of which referenced being "ignored and disrespected" by the other members of Skid Row — Harnell offered an apology via his own Facebook page, putting up a post that reads, "I owe the fans and band an apology for the Facebook comment I made last night, about being disrespected. Well, I didn't exactly show an example of respect, and I truly apologize. I let my emotions get the best of me. Again, thank you all for all the good we had, let's celebrate that part of it all."

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