Barely a year after releasing their Modern Vintage LP, Sixx:A.M. are adding their last few overdubs to not one, but two new albums.

Bassist Nikki Sixx shared the news via Facebook, posting an excitedly profane note that starts with an all-caps "F--- YES" and goes on to explain that Sixx is finished tracking his parts for the new LPs — and his bandmates aren't far behind.

"Tour dates and album releases being planned as we speak," continues the note. "DJ Ashba has just a few more solos and guitar tracks to go as James Michael is finalizing his lead vocals and then starting the mixing process. I feel like we have topped ourselves on both albums song-wise, but in the end, our fans will make that decision for us."

As previously reported, the new Sixx:A.M. records will contain roughly two dozen songs in all, and although Sixx has stressed that they'll serve as "companion pieces," the band's currently planning on spacing the release dates slightly apart in order to give fans time to digest the deluge of new music.

"When a band releases a double album, a lot of times, about halfway through the second record, you say, ‘Sounds like they ran out of gas," he explained. "So, by putting them out separately, we’ll give the fans time to absorb each one fully. They’ll get the first one. They’ll stream it. They’ll feel it. They’ll hear it live. And then it’ll be, ‘Here comes another one.'"

While Ashba and Michael wrap up their work on the albums, Sixx heads back out on the road with Mötley Crüe, whose Final Tour enters the home stretch Dec. 4 in Lincoln, Neb. and concludes Dec. 31 in Los Angeles. Once that chapter closes, he's made it clear he's looking forward to focusing on Sixx:A.M.

"We’re all committing 100 percent of our time to this band, and anything else that’s out there has to revolve around that," he vowed. "And I think James and DJ’s visions are the same as mine, which is that we want to play with anybody, anywhere we can. We’d love to headline, we’d love to be direct support, we’d love to play festivals. We’ll do acoustic gigs, radio stations, whatever. We just want to play. And that’s what we’re going to do."

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