It was the bulge seen around the world. Though we never saw his face, Joe Dallesandro got some notoriety for being the model shot by Andy Warhol for the cover of the Rolling Stones' 1971 classic LP, 'Sticky Fingers.'

The cover featured only a pair of skin tight jeans shot in black and white, accentuate the model's 'bulge,' along with the band's name and album title in red stamps. Early editions actually had a working zipper.

Even though Dallesandro got some attention for the cover, he actually had a decent career underway as an actor already. He first met Andy Warhol in 1967, and was immediately cast in the film 'Four Stars.'

He gained his most positive returns as a street hustler in the 1968 film, 'Flesh' and the 1970 flick 'Trash.' He would continue to star in underground films for several more years, and became a sex symbol for the gay community.

After shooting Andy Warhol's remakes of 'Frankenstein' and 'Dracula' in 1974 in Europe, the actor chose not to return to the U.S. and continued to star in films in France and Italy for the rest of the '70s.

It wasn't until the '80s that he finally returned to the U.S. and appeared as Lucky Luciano in Frances Ford Coppola's 'The Cotton Club,' John Waters' 'Cry-Baby,' and on TV in episodes of 'Miami Vice' and 'Wiseguy.'

TheFW tracked down the former actor. These days, Dallesandro, who identifies himself as bisexual, is a grandfather who manages a hotel in Hollywood with his third wife and a cat.

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers

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