If Sebastian Bach had any doubts about climate change, he says the destruction caused to his beloved New Jersey in the wake of Hurricanes Irene and Sandy a year apart convinced him.

“I had hardwood floors in the basement, and it was the ultimate MTV man-cave crib,” the former Skid Row lead singer tells the Asbury Park Press. “We’d have torrential downpours and we’d be in the basement the whole time. We didn’t have a drop of water in the basement for 25 years.”

Then Irene washed ashore, doing unimaginable damage to countless homes -- including his place in Middletown, N.J. Bach says he lost priceless music collectibles, as well as his willingness to question climate change. Because the storms kept coming: “Everybody told me after Hurricane Irene that it was a 100-year storm and it wouldn’t happen for another 100 years,” Bach said. “Next summer, we had another storm (Sandy). Did they mean it was a 100-day storm?”

Bach, whose latest solo effort 'Give 'Em Hell' is out on Frontiers Records, says he still owns the damaged home. "I don’t know how to deal with FEMA and the insurance companies and the water companies," he concedes. "I can rock you like a hurricane, but I don’t know how to deal with an actual hurricane."