In an advance preview of his upcoming autobiography 18 and Life on Skid Row, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach reveals how tensions between his band and Bon Jovi escalated from nasty pranks and angry words to thrown punches and even a death threat.

In an exclusive excerpt from the New York Post, Bach reveals how the relationship between himself and Jon Bon Jovi went from friendship to rivalry so quickly. Bon Jovi famously helped Skid Row get their first record contract, and even took them out as the opening act on their 1988-1989 New Jersey Syndicate tour.

However, Bach alleges that when Skid Row's fame began to rise, and their merchandise began outselling that of the headliner, a jealous Jon Bon Jovi ordered him into his dressing room, "stared me down and said the words, ‘I’ll f—ing own you.’ ” Bach then goes on to say that Bon Jovi's crew once doused him in ice milk just before he took the stage, which led him to launch into an angry rant against Bon Jovi during his set.

After the show, “we saw about 60 people coming toward us,” Bach recalls, going on to explain that Jon Bon Jovi, his father and brother were at the front of the pack, with the group's entire road crew behind them. According to Bach, an incensed Bon Jovi said, “I heard what you said on my stage, motherf—er,” and then threw an errant punch.

Bon Jovi's crew then reportedly slammed Bach against a concrete wall, as Bon Jovi's brother Tony yelled at him for calling his brother "Bon Blow Me," and Jon's father apparently took things even further. “Bon Jovi Senior pointed in my face as I was held against the wall,” Bach writes. “He said, ‘I’ll f—ing kill you,’ or something like that.”

A war of words followed, but years later, when he and Bon Jovi had a chance 2006 meeting in a London bar, Bach says the two hugged like old friends. “Jon took a chance on me and our band,” he writes. “I will always be indebted to him for that.”

Bach is about to embark on a nine-city book tour in support of 18 and Life on Skid Row. The book hits stores Tuesday, Dec. 6. Presumably Michael Sweet of Stryper will not be on the guest list at any of these appearances.

Bon Jovi released their 13th studio album, This House is Not for Sale, last month. It is their first record of new material since the departure of guitarist Richie Sambora. The group will hit the road in support of the album next February.

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