If you've ever wondered whether or not Scott Weiland sympathizes with ISIS, your wait is over. In a new interview, the former Stone Temple Pilots singer and current Wildabouts frontman said that, in no uncertain terms, that he is not a fan of the terrorist group, and would do what it takes to protect himself from them.

"F--- ISIS," he said on a recent episode of the Todd Shapiro Show (embedded above). "And if they come after me, I'll f---ing pull out my Glock 17."

While it may seem odd for a Canadian radio show to be asking an American rocker about a Middle Eastern jihadist group, it's possible that Shapiro was looking for anything that could provoke an answer out of Weiland. He was not very communicative throughout the nine-minute conversation -- leading to numerous awkward pauses -- and even admitted that having to speak to Shapiro was "a necessary evil."

However, when pressed about which musical acts he's currently grooving to, he did mention Jack White, the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys as personal favorites.

Weiland most recently made headlines last month when he broke the news that Chester Bennington is no longer the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. A couple of days later, Bennington, who also fronts Linkin Park, and the band made separate statements saying that Weiland had been correct and that the split was amicable.

"We decided in due fairness to friends, fans and the legacy of STP that it needs more than time was allowing me," Bennington wrote. "And in all fairness to my bandmates in Linkin Park, as well as to myself and to my family, I’m going to focus solely on Linkin Park so I can contribute 100 percent. It’s been an amazing experience and a dream come true, and I look forward to the future of both STP and Linkin Park.”

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