Creed frontman Scott Stapp has assured fans that despite all appearances, he's totally sober and in his right mind -- and if that's true, then newly released phone calls suggest he's living a life straight out of a government-conspiracy action thriller.

TMZ has unearthed 911 dispatcher audio from some of Stapp's most recent misadventures, including the incident that found his estranged wife and sister-in-law frantically phoning police to accuse the singer of pedaling around town with a backpack full of CIA documents and a plan to assassinate the President, and the picture that unfolds over these three recordings is one of a man who, whatever might have led him to this point, seems to desperately believe that he's been taken advantage of and his life is in danger.

At one point, Stapp calls 911 to say he's being followed by a group of people -- who he later says are driving a fleet of 15 trucks -- and has been on the run for days at a time. In another call, he attempts to convince the dean of his child's school that the terrorist cell called ISIS is planning a catastrophic attack on the state of Florida, information he says he has because members of his family are part of the organization. Finally, as previously reported, Stapp accuses his wife of stealing his truck, also alleging that she's blackmailing him with threats of ruining his career if he goes to the police for help.

However you might feel about Stapp's music, if these tapes are legit it seems clear that he's in serious need of help. Here's hoping Stapp and his family make it through this mess as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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