Sarah Palin may live in Alaska, but her heart is in Cabo Wabo. The former vice-presidential candidate was pulled over for speeding on July 16, and later told reporters that she'd had the pedal to the metal partly because of what was on the radio: Sammy Hagar's 1984 hit 'I Can't Drive 55.'

TMZ reports that on July 16, Palin was caught going 63 in a 45 MPH zone on the streets of Wasilla, the Alaska town where she served two terms as mayor. The fine for her infraction, which includes a $10 surcharge for local police training, amounts to $154, which sounds like a drop in the bucket for the host of the Sportsman Channel series 'Amazing America with Sarah Palin' -- and it sounds like she's taking the incident in stride, joking with the gossip network that "I wasn't speeding, I was qualifying."

Hagar, of course, can sympathize; as he told In the Studio, he was inspired to write 'I Can't Drive 55' after being pulled over himself. "I was driving from Albany, New York at 2:00 in the morning," he recalled. "Cop stopped me for doing 62 on a four-lane road when there was no one else in sight. Then the guy gave me a ticket. I was doing 62. And he said, 'We give tickets around here for over 60.' I said, 'I can't drive 55.' I grabbed a paper and a pen, and I swear the guy was writing the ticket and I was writing the lyrics."

Watch Sammy Hagar's 'I Can't Drive 55'