According to Sammy Hagar, there is "no fucking way" David Lee Roth will be joining him for the entirety of his 2024 Van Halen-focused tour.

Hagar previously noted that Roth is welcome to a guest slot, as is Alex Van Halen. (Founding Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony will be on the trek, along with Jason Bonham and Joe Satriani.)

"We're gonna invite every musician in every town," the singer said. "First of all, whenever you play, if there's a guitar player in town, no matter what city it is, they come out to see Joe, just like they used to for Eddie [Van Halen]. So if we've got other guitar players, we'll get them involved, other singers, get them involved. If Alex Van Halen wants to jump up, if David Lee Roth wants to come out and join us, come on, motherfucker. You are welcome. This is about Van Halen."

Roth responded in a statement, evidently accepting the invitation: "I'm ready to go. Let's do this."

That's Not What Hagar Meant

But Hagar has now clarified his comments. When asked by a fan on social media about Roth's response, Hagar emphasized that Roth would be welcome as a guest only, not to join the whole tour.

"He can come out and sing a song on a show or two," he said, "if he can remember the words."

"I know better than to have him on tour again," Hagar continued in another comment. "Been there, done that."

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Hagar's tour is scheduled to begin in July 2024, during which he plans to "go deep into the Van Halen catalog."

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