Sammy Hagar's best-selling autobiography 'Red: My Life Uncensored' will include an all-new chapter when it is released shortly in paperback form. The additional pages will deal with the reactions to the book's initial release from friends and industry folks from when it was first released back in March.

As Hagar told American Rock Scene, the release and success of 'Red' "really changed things within me and with people around me. And some of my closer friends kind of had a weird response to the book and some people that I really didn't know — people that were almost, like… I don't wanna say 'enemies,' but people in the industry that maybe didn't respect me or give me any love or the time of day over the years — came in and said, 'Wow, I had no idea. Man, I have a whole different opinion of you.'"

The bonus chapter is also the result of the fact that the Red Rocker "didn't wanna release the same book again." That's certainly a considerate move, since those who want to purchase a more totable version will get a little more for their money. However, it is also a reason for those who already bought the book to buy it again, since most Hagar diehards will want to read the additional chapter.

The exact release date of the paperback version has not been announced. However, the release of Sammy's new album with Chickenfoot, 'III' is upon us, as the album is set to drop on Sept. 27. You can read our review of that fine album right here.

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