After a break of a mere 30 years, HSAS are back -- sort of. Sammy Hagar and Journey guitarist Neal Schon have reunited for a few songs on Hagar's upcoming CD, and they recruited Hagar's Chickenfoot rhythm section of Michael Anthony and Chad Smith for the three tracks.

HSAS were a short-lived band that began in 1983, when Hagar and Schon collaborated with bassist Kenny Aaronson and drummer Michael Shrieve for some new material that resulted in a string of live dates. They recorded several performances in San Francisco for an album titled 'Through the Fire,' which afforded both Hagar and Schon a vehicle for some ideas that fell somewhat outside the normal scope of their music. The album also included a cover of Procol Harum's 'A Whiter Shade of Pale.'

Two dates were also recorded for an MTV special, and the band toured a little bit more in California before Schon returned to his commitments with Journey and Hagar began recording 'VOA.' Though they've remained friends and played together many times since, they've never resurrected HSAS -- until now.

"This is the new HSAS," Hagar proclaims in the above clip -- though as he points it, technically it could be considered the third lineup of HSAS, since the last names of all of the members of Chickenfoot also form that acronym. "It's interchangeable, so HSAS is the new future for everyone in life," Hagar quips.

The foursome recorded a new version of 'Going Down,' which Chickenfoot has played live. Sammy praised Schon's version of the song, saying, 'It's never been burned like that!"

They also apparently recorded two other tracks for the album, which has no set release date as yet.

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