After getting his buddy and Chickenfoot bandmate Michael Anthony to talk in more detail about his departure from Van Halen on a recent episode of 'That Metal Show,' it was Sammy Hagar's turn to answer some hard questions -- specifically, about reports he'd been approached to replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith.

Aerosmith's Brad Whitford revealed on his recent appearance on the show that the group had indeed approached Hagar about forming a band -- under a new name -- when it didn't seem as if they could work with Tyler anymore.

Hagar gamely told his side of the story, with the worry-free nature that has long been his calling card. "I got asked by someone in the band if I'd be interested in joining Aerosmith this last time. Before 'American Idol' happened, (Tyler) was on one of his binges, you know, having a good time. The first thought that came when I picked up the phone was, 'What?' Then I go, 'Wow,' you know, I start thinking, 'well, I did it once...'" in a clear reference to his replacing David Lee Roth in Van Halen.

However, he quickly thought better of it. "I hung up the phone, and about 20 minutes later I said, 'this is a real bad idea.'  Steven Tyler is one guy who is irreplaceable, there's certain people in rock who are irreplaceable. If they had done it 20 years ago, like Van Halen did, it could happen. But you don't do it at this stage of the game. It'd be too tough a gig for anybody for anyone."

Besides, Hagar and Anthony report they're very happy with Chickenfoot, even revealing that the band has started working on songs for their third album. They're quick to add, however, that things are at a very early stage. "We wrote some stuff on the road. Joe (Satriani)'s just getting back from Europe today. Everybody's gotta have their own trip. We don't put pressure on each other. We do it at the right time, and if it's not the right time we don't do it. That way the love and passion and inspiration is there."

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