On the record, the guys in Rush can't seem to make up their minds about whether they'll hit the road in 2015 -- but behind the scenes, it looks like the band's touring machine might be shifting back in gear.

While it's definitely worth noting that nothing has been confirmed officially yet, Rush Is a Band reports that a pair of live dates have surfaced on Ticketmaster's website in recent days. First, a June 29 show at Madison Square Garden showed up on the calendar before disappearing; the second show, listed for June 23 at the TD Garden in Boston, is still active as of this writing.

Of course, two shows don't make a tour, and it would be odd for a band of Rush's stature to leak live dates this way rather than making an official announcement. But given that the MSG show disappeared so quickly, it's at least possible that someone's goofing up and publishing information before it's supposed to be public. Not necessarily likely...but possible.

As previously reported, the band's plans for 2015 still seem to be wide open, and could include new music or touring. It seems highly unlikely that they'd have anything close to a new album together by the time those June shows took place, but a double-sided single or EP could be within reason -- and it'd jibe with comments made by guitarist Alex Lifeson last month, when he told Radio.com, "In my mind, ideally, we'd go out with a couple of new songs, and revisit some old stuff, maybe stuff we haven't previously played."

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