Hell hath no fury like a woman who needs more closet space, as Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood is finding out first-hand. The legendary rocker is reportedly shocked and angry at his ex-wife Jo over her intention to auction off some of his artwork and musical memorabilia in Los Angeles in October.

The pair were married for more than two decades before separating in 2008, a move caused by Wood's very public affair with Ekaterina Ivanova, a 20-year-old waitress. They divorced in 2011, and according to Classic Rock magazine, Jo Wood has set up an auction through Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills that will include portraits her ex-husband painted of Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, a four-poster bed, a harp, a tour stove, and stage clothing once worn by the Stones. Perhaps most upsetting to the guitarist is the inclusion of two custom Fender Strats.

“Ronnie was asked by Jo some time ago if he wished to add some items to an auction. He said he did not want to," a representative for Wood said in a press statement. "He is therefore shocked and disappointed that this auction is being misrepresented as a joint sale – this is not the case.

“He is staggered that some of the items being offered are clearly his personal belongings. They are not hers to sell... Ronnie feel saddened that Jo has taken this course of action, and wants the public to know he has not teamed up on this outrageous sale.”

The guitarist's ex-wife insists the sale is aboveboard. Her representative said, “This is Jo’s auction. It includes all the items left to her following the divorce. She’s had everything in storage for three years and can’t keep it any longer. Ronnie has been kept in the loop.”

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