The Rolling Stones continue to revisit stories and memories from the making of 'Some Girls' in honor of the recent re-release of the 1978 album. In a new interview Mick Jagger and Keith Richards talk about how punk music influenced the project.

"It moved our ass, boy," Richards tells during an in-depth conversation about the project." See, the thing I loved about those times was the attitude and a new generation coming up. Unfortunately, only a very few [bands] could actually play, you know, music."

In a separate interview with Vevo Jagger compares the punk movement in New York City with that of London in the mid to late '70s. "The sort of punk scene in New York, you know, you had the Ramones and you had the New York Dolls, but they didn’t really play that kind of music … it was more of a glam look," he says. "New York was sort of different than what the Sex Pistols were putting out. I mean, my favorite band of that period, was the Clash, definitely. They definitely had a dance sensibility, as well as a rock sensibility."

'Some Girls' was written mostly in New York, and both Jagger and Richards say they would visit well known clubs like CBGB as well as lesser known venues frequently. "It wouldn’t just be one kind of music," Jagger says. "It was an interesting melting pot of music that came out of that time, and I think the 'Some Girls' album reflects that."

The re-release includes a 12 song bonus disc in the deluxe and super deluxe versions of the album. Many of these songs were recorded instrumentally, with Jagger adding vocals only recently. Of the extras, Richards says the Chuck Berry inspired 'Claudine' came closest to making the final project but it got hung up for legal reasons.

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