The Rolling Stones have begun recording music -- presumably new music -- to mark their 50th anniversary. Mick Jagger tweeted a photo on Thursday of him sitting on a drum stool, holding a telecaster in front of a few racks of guitars and amplifiers. The band was also photographed entering or leaving a recording studio in Paris two days earlier. 

"Had fun in the Paris studio this week," Jagger tweeted. The band has been meeting throughout the spring and summer to discuss their future. In April Keith Richards told Rolling Stone the band rehearsed much of their catalog in anticipation of a later tour.

"We're just getting our chops together. It was like playing in the garage, a maintenance check, you know?" he said. Last month he told the BBC the band was indeed rehearsing for a tour. Shortly after Jagger hinted that the band were aiming for something in the fall, although it's not clear drummer Charlie Watts is on board for that much fun.

Two weeks ago the Rolling Stones revealed an app on their website. The photo shows two dark eyes blinking while the band plays 'Start Me Up.' So far, 'UView' left fans with more questions than answers however.

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