Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters and Foo Fighters teamed up to perform Floyd's 'In the Flesh?' as the highlight of the second night of Jimmy Fallon's week-long tribute to the legendary band.

It's a big week for the space-rock pioneers, who are celebrating their massive "Why Pink Floyd?" catalog re-issue campaign with a variety of activities. This includes sending large inflatable pigs into the air over London, and Waters' former bandmate Nick Mason's own visit to 'Late Night' last night.

When Waters came out, he was quick to praise the band who played tribute to his music the night before. "Funny enough, I watched the show last night, and I thought the Shins were awesome.. it was perfect."

Fallon quickly praised Pink Floyd for evolving so much during their career, to which Waters modestly explained, "We had to evolve, because we couldn't play anything, really. We were all largely incompetent, except for one guy, but unfortunately he failed his exam and was forced to leave school."

He also shared stories of the band's early appearances on odd bookings such as the Pat Boone show, where former frontman Syd Barrett would mess with TV producers by doing great performances in rehearsal and then feigning stagefright when the filming started.

Then it was time for Waters to join Foo Fighters in delivering a powerful, enthusiastic reading of 'In the Flesh?,' the opening track from Pink Floyd's 1979 double-album opus 'The Wall.' With three guitarists and two bassists crammed onto the small stage, it was not a tranquil event.

Watch Roger Waters and Foo Fighters Perform 'In the Flesh?' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

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