Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night (Sept. 26) for an interview and to watch the Shins perform his former band's classic song 'Breathe.'

Mason's visit kicked off the show's week-long celebration of Pink Floyd's work, which will feature different musical stars performing the band's classic song each night, all to promote the massive catalog re-issue campaign Floyd is undertaking beginning this week.

After showing off his copies of the superbly packaged deluxe editions of the band's catalog box set and the "Immersion" version of 'Dark Side of the Moon,' Fallon asked Mason why they decided to undertake this campaign now. The answer? "Well, it just seemed like the right time to do this sort of thing, because with all the downloading going on, this is probably the last opportunity to do all the artwork, all the packaging, all the good stuff."

Mason was extremely genial throughout, gamely identifying racing cars merely by their engine sounds (he's got a book, 'Passion for Speed,' about his love of cars.) The only time he protested, and jokingly, was when Fallon asked what he thought of the famous 'Dark Side' / 'Wizard of Oz' sync-up: "No, let's not go there. After a bit, you start making it up, and pretending Judy Garland was in the studio with us."

Before Mason came on, comedian Adam Samberg revealed his own Pink Floyd concert experience: "I went to the show, and I got a little hammered... it started off great, and it turned into kind of a nightmare. I went to the bathroom, and they did the Pink Floyd thing, killed all the lights before I found my seat. So they're having the spotlight going around and singing 'Hey You,' and I'm (all paranoid), like "Meeee?"

Watch the Shins perform Pink Floyd's 'Breathe' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

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