In a recent edition of our Celebrity Look-Alike feature, we commented on the resemblance between Roger Waters and big-time Hollywood actor Richard Gere. Apparently, we weren't the only ones who noticed this. On Waters' recent visit to the Howard Stern show, the talk show host brought up their facial similarities, but the Pink Floyd legend doesn't seem to agree.

As Stern recalled, "The first time I met you (Waters) at a party I went 'I think that's Richard Gere sitting over there,' then you said hello to me and I said 'I don't think Richard Gere is British'."

Turns out the King of All Media isn't the first person to make that mistake: "I was sitting in the hotel one day," remembered Waters, "and this enormously fat man waddles over, he bent down and I thought, oh my god he's going to kiss me, and he got within about an inch and then he went (affects effeminate voice) 'you're not Richard'." And have Waters and Gere ever met? "Yes," says Roger, "he's charming."

At one point, Stern suggests the legendary bassist and songwriter hates the other members of Pink Floyd, asking "Why didn't you show up at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (back in 1996), reconcile with the guys and play a couple tunes with them...cause you hate 'em!" Waters declared, "I don't hate them. That was like, into deep troughs of nonsense. I just didn't go."

"Someone told me that you guys were offered 350 million dollars to go on tour as Pink Floyd," said Stern, "the whole band reunited, and you turned it down. True or false?" Waters quietly replied, "I don't remember that." "You remember it!" said Howard, "You know you turned down 350 million, that's hate!"

And in case you were wondering about the chances of a reunion in 2012, "Of course not. No." said Waters. "They wouldn't...well possibly's just David and Nick. Rick sadly passed away. It's not acrimony that prevents us from getting together, it's like, is this what you really want to spend your time doing? And the answer, certainly from my point of view, is no."

Waters also talked about the possibility of 'The Wall' heading to Broadway, saying "I had dinner a few days ago with Lee Hall, and we are on about draft five. It remains to be seen if it will actually happen or not but I think he's a terrific writer and I've always had a yen to put this piece into a theater. It would be an entirely different animal."