Roger Taylor

Queen drummer Roger Taylor put to rest the rumors that Queen, with Freddie Mercury appearing via hologram, would be appearing at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, which are taking place in London this summer. In a recent interview, Taylor said the idea was brought up, but ultimately rejected.

"We are involved in the closing [ceremonies]," he told Bo and Jim of KZPS in Dallas. "But no hologram, I'm afraid...We thought about doing it...I certainly wouldn't want to appear alongside a pretend Freddie. It wouldn't match up to the real thing."

Taylor was speaking to the radio station about the Queen Extravaganza tour, which kicked off this weekend in Quebec. The drummer believes it will give fans of the band something special.

"We wanted something that would represent our music in the most brilliant and scintillating way, not just another sort of band just covering our stuff," he continued. "So, we really wanted to put together the whole package, the whole show, with all the professional people that we know. We have the most unbelieveable range of singers and instrumentalists. And it's just fantastic."

Taylor also spoke briefly about the concerts in Europe that he and Brian May are doing as Queen with Adam Lambert, calling it "a sort of experiment."

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