Rod Stewart has released 'Finest Woman' as the new single from 'Time,' the album set to hit stores on May 7. Stewart, is full of zeal*, but short on originality on this carbon copy of 'She Makes Me Happy,' another song from 'Time.'

Replace the mandolin of the previous song with a strong horn line, change a few lyrics and the two songs are the same. Both are about a woman who pulled the singer up from a low point in life. Both rely on an energetic performance instead of a lyrical depth. 'Finest Woman,' in particular, feels like a cut and paste of some of the more generic rock lyrics of all time.

"My dreams are lonely and my nights were long / My life was empty and my dreams were long gone," he sings to begin the first verse. Later it's "She's got the beauty, she's got the brains." You won't find much of a story in the chorus either:

"The finest woman that I've ever known / The finest woman that I've ever known / Shine a light on this love of mine / The finest woman that I've ever known."

The meaty guitar lick that opens the track leaves one hopeful for a gritty rock song, but instead it turns into a Mom Dancer's dream. Don't feel bad if you find yourself doing a shoulder shimmy or half-hands-in-the-air snap. It's a reflex, like turning your head when someone shouts your name or gagging when you stick fingers down your throat.

* Editor's note -- you might almost wonder if he's back to taking cocaine anally.


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