Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen and Kiss are just a few of the classic rock artists whose albums will be represented in Backstage Auctions' ‘Rock Gods and Metal Monsters’ event being held April 21-29.

The collection of vinyl comes from a variety of sources (including rare wax from private collectors and former record executives), with the majority from a closed record store in Hong Kong. And though most of it leans towards the metal genre, there are definitely some classic rock gems to be found.

In addition, most of the discs are factory-sealed -- and we know from previous reports how this instantly increases the value.

The aforementioned record execs' vinyl is of special interest, as many of those records are advance copies, promotional releases, and Japanese, UK, Dutch, French and German pressings. It’s pretty hard to deny the beauty of a shiny obi strip wrapped around a piece of sealed vinyl.

The volume and variety of records within this collection are what make it a very unique sale. More than 1500 records will hit the auction block on April 21, with open bidding available until April 29th. You can get a VIP ‘All Access Pass’ here to preview the auction for four days before it goes live.

Happy bidding!