The rollout of new material from Robert Plant's upcoming 'Lullaby and ... the Ceaseless Roar' LP continues.

Plant released the set's first single, 'Rainbow,' back in June, well in advance of the album's Sept. 9 arrival. He's also been busy testing out the new material on the road; as we previously reported, he added the 'Ceaseless Roar' cut 'Little Maggie' (a bluegrass standard brought to prominence by the Stanley Brothers) to the set list for his June 28 appearance at Glastonbury.

In the above clip, you can watch Plant bring another new number, 'Pocketful of Golden,' out for a live airing. Recorded July 11 during his set at the Pistoia Blues Festival in Pistoia, Italy, it offers an early impression of the song, which Plant told NPR is "one of those amazing instances where we pieced together so many great ideas. All the combined gifts of the band, drifting through these varieties and styles, give us some amazing places to go."

He reflected on his covers-heavy recent albums in the same interview, arguing that those albums helped him refine his craft as a singer. "I was really happy to learn my trade, to extend my trade, so that I could make my way into the guild of good singers," he mused, although he admitted that it presented him with a different challenge when it came time to assemble songs for a new release. "After I came back to England, I wondered, could I actually write? Did I have anything left? Not knowing and not being really convinced I had anything of my own because I’d been singing other people’s songs for a long time."

Both 'Pocketful of Golden' and 'Lullaby' are available now to fans who pre-order the album via iTunes. Plant is scheduled to begin a North American tour shortly after 'Lullaby and ... the Ceaseless Roar' arrives.

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