The first single from Patty Griffin's new album 'American Kid' features Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant on harmonies. 'Ohio,' is much more than a vocal collaboration between the two however. Griffin credits her longtime partner with bringing the track to its final resting place.

"I had the song in an odd shape and couldn't really figure out how to use it," Griffin told USA Today, who is premiering the single. "He came in and arranged it so that it became what it is. He came up with the tempo and the mood on it."

Previously, Plant and Griffin worked together on the first Band of Joy album. They're also thought to be in a personal relationship.

'Ohio' is about the Underground Railroad, and Griffin says it was inspired by a Toni Morrison novel. The Americana track is a textured blend of strings and percussion, but despite a complex arrangement it never loses a sense of organic.

"Meet me in the evening where the river is low / Meet me on the waters of the Ohio," Griffin and Plant sing to begin the rooty cut.

'American Kid' is Griffin's first album of entirely new music since 2007. Plant is expected to lend his vocals to at least two other songs on the album. A new Band of Joy album is expected for later in 2013.

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