At the very end of Robert Plant's concert at the Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Thursday (Nov. 1), there was a brief scare when a fan rushed the stage and knocked him over. The Led Zeppelin singer did not appear to be injured.

Plant, performing with the Sensational Space Shifters, had just finished up a show with a version of 'Rock and Roll' and was thanking the crowd for coming out when he noticed that a young man in a sleeveless t-shirt had run onto the stage and heading straight for him. Thankfully, a member of the road crew intervened just as he reached Plant. The three bodies collided and Plant was knocked to the ground.

"Easy, easy," Plant told the roadie, presumably asking them to take it easy on the boy. Then, before leaving the stage, he turned to the crowd and thanked them "for the fun," with a look on his face that suggested that, given what happened five seconds ago, maybe that wasn't the most appropriate word to use.

Plant joins the list of rockers whose concerts have been affected by fans rushing the stage. The Who's performance at Woodstock in 1969 was briefly interrupted when Abbie Hoffman took over the microphone to scream about John Sinclair's arrest for marijuana possession. Pete Townshend knocked Hoffman offstage with his guitar. Twelve years later, during a Rolling Stones concert in Virginia, Keith Richards swung his Telecaster at a fan who was headed for Mick Jagger.


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