Robert Plant announced a vinyl singles box set based on the tracks that to be featured on the second season of his Digging Deep podcast.

The news arrived during the first episode, which examined the history of Plant's 2005 solo album Mighty ReArranger, the second LP to feature his band Strange Sensation, who later became the Sensational Space Shifters.

Presenter Matt Everett announced the Digging Deep box set at the end of the episode, noting that it included “songs spanning three decades – hit singles, B-sides and tracks from each of his solo albums.”

“Tracks include ‘Little by Little,” ‘Hurting Kind’ and ‘Big Log,’ and it’s the first time the remastered versions of these tunes have been available on vinyl," he said. "They come in a beautiful bespoke hardback book format including the restored original 7" artwork. It’s a thing of beauty.”

The set will be released on Dec. 13. You can see the track listing below.

In the new episode, Plant discussed the path to Mighty ReArranger, recalling how Strange Sensation came together after his previous band, the Priory of Brion, “dissolved” at the turn of the century.

“There was some outstanding shows," he recalled. "That’s quite often how bands really start kicking in – fulfilling contracts for sections of a previous group. If you’re left holding the baby and it’s got your name on the contract, that’s what you do. You go out to these far-flung places. And so we went off into the back hills of Sweden as Strange Sensation, and we recorded.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

“It was very exciting because the constituent parts of our musical personalities were really interesting,” Plant continued. “I left the ‘70s and ‘80s behind, made my way through the ‘90s in all sorts of states of repair and disrepair, and found myself with these guys in Estonia, a recently freed country from the Russian trip. And optimism was everywhere. It was just amazing.”

Focusing on the song “Tin Pan Valley,” Plant said the track “was born halfway up a beautiful mountain not far from Aberystwyth, which had been pretty close to where [Jimmy] Page and I had been many years before that.”

He said the song addressed his “incessant need not to become too much of a parody … some kind of phony playing soup-in-a-basket rehashes of Zeppelin – but inevitably doing that sooner or later.”

Listen to Robert Plant's 'Tin Pan Valley'

Robert Plant, 'Digging Deep' Track Listing

Vinyl 1:
Side A: Burning Down One Side
Side B: Like I've Never Been Gone

Vinyl 2:
Side A: Big Log
Side B: In The Mood

Vinyl 3:
Side A: Too Loud
Side B: Little By Little

Vinyl 4:
Side A: Ship of Fools
Side B: Tall Cool One

Vinyl 5:
Side A: Hurting Kind
Side B: Tie Dye on the Highway

Vinyl 6:
Side A: Calling To You
Side B: 29 Palms

Vinyl 7:
Side A: Song To The Siren
Side B: Morning Dew

Vinyl 8:
Side A: Shine It All Around
Side B: Tin Pan Valley


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