The Rolling Stones have said that 1978's 'Respectable' was their response to the rise of punk.  'Rip This Joint,' released on 'Exile on Main Street' six years earlier, borrows heavily from rockabilly and jump blues, but is played at an amped-up, frenetic pace that shows they were raising a ruckus long before Johnny Rotten had figured it all out.

In only 2:23 -- which includes two saxophone solos by Bobby Keys -- the Stones take the listener on a breathless travelogue through America as outsiders looking in with love and fascination. The Stones were still English enough to give a shout-out to Dixie Dean, the Everton striker who scored 60 goals in 1927-28, a record which still stands for English football and will likely never be broken.


Watch the Rolling Stones Perform 'Rip This Joint'

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