The Rolling Stones have often glorified their decadence in their songs. But on 'Sway,' the second cut on 'Sticky Fingers,' they recognize the toll their lifestyle has taken on them and their fellow rock stars while realizing they're caught in its trap.

By 1970, when 'Sway' was recorded, the failure of Altamont had put a close to the '60s, Brian Jones had died and several of their friends would soon meet similar fates. Mick Jagger's response wasn't to mourn for them, but to fall deeper into the "demon life" that got him "in its sway," because it took away his pain.

But it's Mick Taylor's extended outro solo, one of his finest Stones moments, that sends 'Sway' into the Top 50 of our list.


Hear the Rolling Stones Perform 'Sway'

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