It's been only two years since Stephen Stills formed a new trio called the Rides with guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Electric Flag keyboardist Barry Goldberg, and the band has already finished its second album.

"It's bad to the bone, and it'll be out in May," Stills told ABC News Radio, although he admitted that the recordings are still so new that a few things are still in flux: "I don't know what we're gonna call it yet."

Adding that "it was really a shock" how quickly the record came together, he described the sessions as "easy as pie," and promised fans will be pleased with the top-shelf audio wizardry performed by engineer Ed Cherney; as the report puts it, Stills explained that "listening to the Rides' new material being played back, he expected to hear Mick Jagger's voice come blasting out of the speakers."

Stills also discussed his upcoming third annual Light Up the Blues benefit show, scheduled to be held April 25 in Hollywood in support of Autism Speaks. Describing the experience of putting together a lineup that includes Neil Young, Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin, he laughed, "Oh boy, that's like throwing spaghetti at the wall. You start calling and you take a big, deep breath and ask. And I'm amazed when they say, 'Oh yeah, I'd love to do that.'"

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