Richie Sambora fans can expect to hear the former Bon Jovi guitarist moving in a country direction when his album of duets with Orianthi arrives in stores.

"I'm a big country fan," Orianthi recently told Rolling Stone. "One of the first country artists I got to work with was Carrie Underwood at the Grammy Awards. The great thing about country songs is the storytelling. They're really moving and well-crafted, and that's something Richie and I wanted to explore."

Even though the Bob Rock-produced set has yet to gain a publicly announced title or release date, Orianthi added that the first single from the LP could arrive as soon as June — and she teased a sound resting on an even blend between herself and Sambora. "There are songs where I'm just singing and he's backing me up, and vice versa, and songs where we're singing together. It really takes you on a journey, and there's a great blend to our voices."

Orianthi's comments follow an interview in which Sambora referred to the record as "Sonny and Cher on steroids" and added, "We looked back on our career and saw the different styles of music that we did and, when you make a record, obviously, you have to own it. After 40 years in this business I know if we owned it or not."

"It’s a really big-sounding album and I can’t wait to play it live, too," added Orianthi. "Richie’s singing his butt off, playing his butt off and writing with him, too, has, you know, been really great — a lot of fun."

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