The Red Hot Chili Peppers released a new song “Poster Child,” the second to appear from their upcoming album Unlimited Love.

The follow-up to 2016’s The Getaway was made with returning guitarist John Frusciante, who came back to the group in 2019 for a third stint. The track – a wander down a musical memory lane, with name-checks for Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Van Morrison and others – can be heard below.

“When we started writing material, we began by playing old songs by people like Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, the Kinks, the New York Dolls, Richard Barrett and others," Frusciante said in a statement when the LP was announced. “Ever so gradually, we started bringing in new ideas, and turning jams into songs, and after a couple of months, the new stuff was all we were playing. The feeling of effortless fun we had when we were playing songs by other people stayed with us the whole time we were writing, and for me, this record represents our love for and faith in each other.”

"Our only goal is to get lost in the music,” a band statement read. Noting they’d spent “thousands of hours” on preparations for recording, they added that "we yearn to shine a light in the world, to uplift, connect and bring people together. Each of the songs on our new album Unlimited Love is a facet of us, reflecting our view of the universe. This is our life’s mission. We work, focus and prepare so that when the biggest wave comes, we are ready to ride it. The ocean has gifted us a mighty wave and this record is the ride that is the sum of our lives."

Unlimited Love, the Chili Peppers’ 12th album, will be released on April 1.

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