Ray Davies has debuted a new song,“Our Country,” from his upcoming album Our Country: Americana Act II, which is set for release on June 29.

It’s the follow-up to Davies' 2017 album Americana, which was inspired by his autobiography of the same name that was published in 2013. You can hear the song below.

“America: the land of ice cream and apple pie … guns and the wild west,” Davies says in a new promotional video for the album. “The book has got song references in it, and the songs are part of the narrative, so the trick was to get the record to stand up as a record as well as being part of a series. I think people who like the first album understand where it’s going – album two is what happens when you get there.”

Our Country follows my journey across America; through endless tours not just to reclaim the Kinks’ career, but to rediscover the country that offered me my earliest inspirations,” Davies said in a press release announcing the album.

The 19-song Our Country: Americana Act II, like its predecessor, was once again recorded with the alt-country band the Jayhawks and guitarist Bill Shanley. The album includes new versions of the Kinks' “Oklahoma U.S.A.” and the Davies' solo cut “The Real World,” along with the new songs.

Davies also confirmed he's working on a theatrical extension to the Americana series. Last year he said he had completed 20 songs for the second album to continue his exploration of the U.S., which he called a “beautiful but dangerous place.”

You can watch the new promotional video for the album, and see the track listing, below.

Ray Davies, 'Our Country: Americana Act II' Track Listing
1. "Our Country"
2. "The Invaders" (spoken word)
3. "Back In The Day"
4. "Oklahoma U.S.A."
5. "Bringing Up Baby"
6. "The Getaway"
7. "The Take"
8. "We Will Get There"
9. "The Real World"
10. "A Street Called Hope"
11. "The Empty Room"
12. "Calling Home"
13. "Louisiana Sky"
14. "March Of The Zombies"
15. "The Big Weird"
16. "Tony And Bob"
17. "The Big Guy"
18. "Epilogue"
19. "Muswell Kills"

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