Former Kinks frontman Ray Davies has revealed he has around 20 unfinished songs remaining from the sessions that produced his latest album, Americana, and he’s aiming to complete and release them in due course.

The record, which explores his love affair with the U.S., a “beautiful but dangerous place.” And he’s reflected on the spur-of-the-moment reaction to a hold-up on the streets of New Orleans in 2004, which left him shot in the leg. He’d given chase after his girlfriend's purse was stolen, and found himself with a broken femur as a result.

“Why did I do it? That’s the unanswerable question," Davies told the BBC. "I’ve never really been the sort of person who would chase a man with a loaded gun. But I did. Foolishly, perhaps, and irresponsibly. But I did it. It was one of those heat-of-the-moment situations and I have no explanation other than that.”

It was a fun show, but it had quite serious undertones. I think that sums up America at the moment – it’s a fun show with very serious undertones. I do hope America balances itself out. It’s slightly off-kilter at the moment.”

Referring to President Donald Trump’s expected face-off with Congress in the coming months, Davies added, “I think the will of the people will be heard. It’s a difficult time or readjustment, but I think it’ll balance itself out. It’s a beautiful place, but a dangerous place – as I found out.”

Meanwhile, Davies, who recently became a knight of the British Empire, aims to return his focus to the unfinished Americana material, which was recorded with assistance from the Jayhawks, acting as a backing band. “It’s a big work, but I hope it’ll be put together for a deluxe record later on,” he said.

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