What Goes On’ in your mind when you see a Velvet Underground single such as this? One quick glance at this rare picture sleeve is enough to get dollar signs dancing in your head if you're a collector. Need proof? Well, one sold for $1675.00 during an eBay auction last week.

This rarity is enough to make any fan of Lou Reed and his former band The Velvet Underground drool. Firstly, it’s a promo record and very clearly marked as such -- “Special Disc Jockey Record” is boldly printed on the canary yellow MGM label. Known by its catalog number ‘VU-1,' this single features free-form poetic advertising copy read by New York DJ Rosko.

Originally issued to promote the third Velvet Underground album, this single features excerpts of ‘I’m Set Free,’ ‘What Goes On,’ and ‘I’m Beginning To See The Light.’ Though the picture sleeve is slightly worn (hey, it’s nearly 45 years old!) the record itself is listed to be in very good condition. A keen eye reveals that the Bazaar magazine in Reed’s hand is not touched up like the one featured on the actual album and CD covers.

Another interesting feature of this single art is the type-written poetic message printed on the flip-side of the sleeve:

How do you feel?
You don’t really know how you feel.
Because you haven’t heard the new Velvet Underground.
Here are expressions of a new dimension in honesty,
in purity…in feeling. The Velvet Underground.
Not a probe, not an exploration,
not an experiment but a whole complete reality.
The Velvet Underground.

The Velvet Underground. This is you.
You’ll find your love, your hope, your reality.
The Velvet Underground on MGM Records
Will tell you how to feel.

And 40 plus years later – we still are.

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