Every rock legend has to deal with a whole bunch of stories that everyone passes around even though they might not actually be true. In this installment of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?, Ramones drummer Marky Ramone sets the record straight regarding some of the more persistent tales about his career in and out of the band.

Sitting down with our sister site Loudwire, Marky takes a stroll down memory lane, offering his definitive take on everything from the story behind Ramones classics like "I Wanna Be Sedated" and "The KKK Took My Baby Away" to the truth about what really happened when producer Phil Spector decided he was willing to do whatever it took to get one particular chord out of the band during the sessions for 1980's End of the Century album.

Of course, not all rock legends start with people on the outside. Some are the result of rock stars' tendency to exaggerate, as tended to occasionally be the case with the Ramones, and Marky clears up a few of those here too — as well as offering his take on some of the more infamous disagreements that erupted during the legendary band's often turbulent career.

So which Ramones rock legends have you believed without realizing they were false — or dismissed as too crazy to be true even though they really were? The answers are all waiting for you right here in Marky Ramone's episode of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?, so hit "play" on the above video and dive in.

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