The first voice to emerge with an explanation about the current goings-on with Queensryche is not one you would expect. Singer Geoff Tate's stepdaughter Miranda has hopped online to rundown the situation and clarify some of the reporting that's been done on the group's recent dealings.

Tate, who is also the daughter of Queensryche manager Susan Tate and former wife of guitarist Parker Lundgren, has given a 13-point presentation addressing some of the issues.

For those not up to speed, Tate is touring solo this summer while his fellow bandmates have formed a band called Rising West where they're performing Queensryche songs with another singer, Todd La Torre.

While both sides have stated that Queensryche will continue, there have been rumors of a physical altercation involving Tate and other band members and the singer honored a Queensryche date solo in Salt Lake City this week while members of the group cited "personal reasons" for not being able to make the scheduled show. In addition, the members of Rising West posted that they had been locked out of Queensryche's websites.

Miranda Tate started by revealing that no one from Queensryche, including Tate, had posted on in months and that the shutting down of the account was not the singer's doing. She added that Tate, as well as all of the other band members, still have access to the Facebook site.

Miranda says that since Chris DeGarmo's exit, Tate has been responsible for writing a heavy majority of the material, but with 'Dedicated to Chaos' he bowed to his bandmates who were more involved in the process -- she cites the album credits as proof. She adds that the singer has also always shared album sales royalties equally even though he has been the main writer and primary public persona for the band over the years. Tate says that her mother has negotiated with some of the outside writers used over the years to give part of their publishing royalties to the non-writing members of the band.

Miranda also paints the other members as disinterested when it came to contributing photos, messages or info to any of the band's websites or social networking. She also reveals that the Tate family had been stopped by other members of the band from checking fan club email or taking care of meet-and-greet passes, but that the singer has still honored every fan club and meet-and-greet requests for their performances.

And finally, Tate says that every concept for each tour was voted on by the band, and that all the money from each tour was split equally.

Miranda concludes "Before you think the man that worked the hardest by a long way for years and years is a tyrant then think again. You don't know that facts." Miranda Tate's posting was soon followed by a posting from Misty Rockenfield, wife of drummer Scott Rockenfield, who added, "This is all a flat-out lie."

Look for some official band member statements coming soon, as Geoff Tate is reportedly scheduled to do some interviews later this week.