Queensryche celebrated three decades of music, as well as the release of their 13th album, ‘Dedicated to Chaos,’ with an amazing show Friday night (July 29) at New York's Irving Plaza.

Opener Evan Russell Saffer (ERS) and his band started the night off with a powerful set. They performed a great mix of up tempo songs and deep ballads. Saffer has a pleasant blend of smooth vocals with edge.

Their music was appealing because of the band’s complicated drum patterns, deep bass lines and screeching guitar riffs. Along with his catchy choruses its no wonder why Saffer and his band won over hundreds of die-hard Queensryche fans.

Headliners Queensryche took the stage with a very theatrical performance complete with large screens that served as a visual accompaniment to their music and commemorated the band's work throughout the years.

Frontman Geoff Tate and the rest of Queensryche gave a flawless performance and kicked off the show with their latest single, ‘Get Started.’ Their set included a wide range of songs such as ‘Empire,’ ‘I Don’t Believe in Love,’ ‘Around the World’ and ’At 30,000 Ft.,’ just to name a few.

Tate sounded and looked better than ever onstage as fans fed off of his unrelenting enthusiasm. He is quite the charmer, especially since after every song he would talk to fans, share stories about the tunes, the album or the era of the music and truly connect with the crowd.

Queensryche will be touring the United States through the end of November. Here’s to another 30 years of music.


Watch a Brief Clip of Queensryche Performing at New York's Irving Plaza

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