Richard Linklater's spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, the excellent, '80s-set Everybody Wants Some!!, is now out on home video, which gives us an excuse to finally talk about the movie's hysterical Pink Floyd vs. Van Halen scene.

The film takes place as a college baseball team gets to know each other over the party-filled first weekend of a new semester. Part of the bonding takes place during a pot-smoking session in the bedroom of pitcher Charlie Willoughby, who puts on Pink Floyd's delicate 1971 Meddle track "Fearless," and immediately launches into a rather patronizing explanation of what makes Pink Floyd so great:

"Listen to this progression here, okay? Listen to how it goes up, it steps up from one moment to another and leads you there," he rhapsodizes, before launching into an unprovoked attack on a certain unnamed hard rock band: "You can play an E pentatonic scale at 100 miles an hour till somebody's ears burn off, you can learn that, right? But finding the tangents within the framework, therein lies the artistry, man. You know, a f---ig bunch of dudes jumping around, jerking each other off in spandex, isn't f--ing music."

Luckily, catcher Tyrone Plummer quickly figures out who Willoughby's talking about, and is quick to stand up for hard rock's then-reigning heroes: "I dunno man, I kinda like Van Halen." This leads to him being accused of blindly suckling on corporate America's tit, and pretty soon the whole conversation evolves into an attempt to reactivate mankind's long-dormant telepathy skills.

Van Halen get the last word a little later in the movie, as both the 1980 song that gave the movie its name and "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" provide the soundtrack to a big house party scene. You can (and should) buy Everybody Wants Some!! on Blu-ray, DVD and HD digital video right now at the movie's official site.

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