Pink Floyd unveiled a massive, three-tiered reissue campaign for their entire back catalog today, which will allow newbies, casual fans and absolute maniacs (like ourselves) to enjoy classic albums such as 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Dark Side of the Moon' in a variety of different ways.

On September 26, each of the band's fourteen albums will be released in a single-disc 'Discovery' edition, and over the next several months three of the legendary space-rock outfit's most famous albums -- 1973's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' 1975's 'Wish You Were Here' and 1979's 'The Wall' -- will become available in 'Experience' editions featuring an additional CD of era-specific material.

On the same dates as these 'Experience' reissues (September 26 for 'Dark,' November 7 for 'Wish' and February 27, 2012 for 'The Wall'), super-deluxe, 5 to 7 disc 'Immersion' editions of those same albums, complete with DVDs and/or Blu-rays and "memorabilia boxes," will be available.  So, boss if you're reading this, clearly we're gonna need those days off, and don't expect us to be all that sharp in the morning, either.

Total neophytes who for some reason don't want to experience Pink Floyd as they should be heard, in complete album form, will also be able to purchase a greatest hits album entitled 'A Foot in the Door' on November 7.  New vinyl editions of the three highlighted albums and a box set featuring all 14 CDs and a special photo book will also be available.

Call us greedy, but we'd love to see 'Animals' get this same 'Experience' / 'Immersion' treatment -- maybe that's coming later down the line. Pink Floyd will also be re-launching their official website to co-ordinate with this new slate of activity.

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