Proving that some band splits are nastier than others, former Skid Row drummer Phil Varone had some harsh words for one of his former band mates.

Varone took to his Facebook page to address recent comments made by Skid Row guitarist Dave "The Snake" Sabo in an interview with the 'Classic Metal Show,' where he deemed Varone's 2007 documentary 'Waking Up Dead' to be "gross.'

"Dear Dave 'Snake' Sabo, (snake meaning a two faced c--- and not the size of his tiny dick)," Varone began. "I'm normally not one to acknowledge clueless, jealous dummies, but in this case it's just too good to pass up and I'm sick and tired of these douche bags running their mouths. I always find it funny when the pot calls the kettle black and judging from the piece of s--- records this sad cover band put out after I left, they are still clueless and still very much jealous. The good part about the recent Skid Row records, is you can buy 4 of them and have a set of drink coasters. If you were to buy 4 of them, that should bring the sound scan up to about 11 sold and catapult it to plywood with an anchor."

On the 'Classic Metal Show,' Sabo admitted that he couldn't identify with Varone's choice of lifestyle as depicted in the documentary. "See, that's just a lifestyle I never cared for or partook in," Sabo said. "I never did drugs. The worst thing I ever did was drink too much vodka and puke, and that's basically the extent of my s---. So to live that and to see that, I thought it was pretty gross and disgusting, to be honest with you. I don't have any empathy for that situation at all, because you have choices. You make choices in life, and that was the choice that he made. And I don't wanna be a part of that or a party to it. So, I guess the only thing I can say is that I thought it was pretty gross."

'Waking Up Dead' followed Varone on the road with Skid Row over the course of four years, detailing drug abuse and his embracing of the hedonistic rock-star lifestyle. He took particular exception to Sabo's criticism of the film after giving his consent to appear in it and profiting from it.

"Hey David," he continued. "[N]othing like commenting on a documentary that came out 7 years ago that not only you and the band are in, but you also signed releases and were paid for songs. But I guess 7 years later it's gross. It wasn't gross when Skid Row begged me to come out and finish a tour after I left the band because your drummer sucked. And I guess It wasn't gross listening to how bad the band sounded when you could barley (sic) stand on stage and play 90% of the time? You know, like the time we played a bowling alley and you were at the bar at noon?"

Closing out the letter, Varone said, "[Y]ou really should be proud. Nothing like a bunch of 50 years old washed up rock stars in a Skid Row cover band playing for 6 people a night."

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