Manager Peter Grant's imposing style matched his towering frame — and both worked brilliantly to the advantage of the acts he served, most notably Led Zeppelin. Grant's life and rock 'n' roll legacy are now getting their documentary due courtesy of a feature being developed by his son Warren.

Warren Grant shared a few details of the project during a recent interview with Billboard, noting that he's working on the film with ex-Atlantic exec Jerry Greenberg — and although things are very much in the early stages, the pair already have a good idea of the story they want to tell.

"The reason I want to do it with Jerry is I get offers all the time from various film companies, but I think generally they are really looking to use dad’s story as a means to make a film about Zeppelin," said Grant. "Jerry was very good friends and work colleagues with my dad and I have lots of memories of him from back when — we used to go out on these fishing boats in Florida and various other places. With Jerry being so close to him he seems the perfect choice to help me produce this."

As many readers are no doubt already aware, there are a number of less-than-flattering — and violent — legends associated with Grant, but those stories clearly aren't a part of the man his son knew.

"Dad was a big softie, let me tell you that," noted the younger Grant. "He knew when to push people's buttons at what point in time, or what needed to be done to get the job done. His number-one thing was to protect that band, and he would use whatever means he needed to make sure that his band had what they needed to be brilliant at what they do. He loved the band, and he was really good friends with all of them."

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