It's always unsettling to discover that someone has pilfered your belongings, as Peter Frampton discovered earlier this year when his luggage was stolen from the Denver airport. He doesn't have his stuff back, but at least police have caught the culprit.

The Denver Post reports that 52-year-old John Allen Papelbon has been arrested for an airport-carousel crime spree that included the theft of nearly half of all luggage reported stolen at the airport during 2013. Frustratingly, police had Papelbon on the hook for an earlier burglary, in which he mistakenly sold one of his victims her own Coach bag on eBay, but they dropped the case due to insufficient evidence.

This time, Papelbon was caught on airport surveillance footage, and when police matched the face on the tape to his driver's license, they knew they had their man. After his arrest on Nov. 6, a cooperative Papelbon admitted the theft of other bags and told detectives he was storing some of the contents in his home; a search subsequently turned up an assortment of ill-gotten goods, including a bag tag with Frampton's name on it.

Reached at his home by the Post, Papelbon unsurprisingly offered "no comments about the ongoing case." He's currently scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing on Dec. 10.