Peter Frampton has enjoyed a busy year releasing and promoting the 'Frampton Comes Alive 35!' live album and DVD and appearing in a popular Buick Verano commercial, but the veteran rocker has even more on his plate as the calendar gets ready to hit 2013 and he spoke with BIG100.3's Lisa Berigan about his forthcoming ballet project and the status of Humble Pie.

Speaking with The Big DC, Frampton opened up about his current creative pursuit. He revealed, "Right now I am writing brand new material and next April I'm playing three, hopefully four shows with the Cincinnati Ballet. The band will be onstage behind the dancers and we're going to do some old music that they're choreographing right now, but I'm writing 20 minutes of brand new music that will be featured and premiered onstage with a ballet."

Frampton admitted this was all very new to him, but the singer says he's up to the challenge. "[It's] kind of scary, but very very exciting," says Frampton. "I'm right in the middle of writing it right now and it's going really well. I'm really enjoying it."

The vocalist also revealed that there's been some renewed interest in his former band Humble Pie and though a reunion isn't likely, there will be some Humble Pie material to enjoy next year. He explains, "We are doing a project, two projects actually, the first is all four shows from the Fillmore, which the 'Rocking the Fillmore' album comes from, the record company wanted to do the complete Fillmore tapes. So Jerry Shirley and I are going to remix those and that should be coming out next year and also in the works is a complete box set of Humble Pie, so that's going to be interesting."

Frampton says that after his ballet performances in April of next year, the plan is to get his band back in the studio to rehearse and he fully expects to tour at some point in 2013.

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