Last night (Nov. 1) in Sunrise, Fla., the Who kicked off their 'Quadrophenia + More' tour, but all did not go so well at the BB&T Center. Towards the end of the show, Pete Townshend walked offstage because the volume onstage was too loud.

Much to everyone's confusion, Townshend left the stage as the band was performing 'You Better You Bet.' When he refused to return, Roger Daltrey said, "Pete’s having guitar troubles." The band attempted to play 'Baba O'Riley,' but without Townshend's power chords and classic vocal break, it lost much of its power, and the band called it a night after that.

Shortly after the concert ended, Simon Townshend, second guitarist and Pete's brother, tweeted "Pete walked off tonight because it was too loud. was a good show but had some technical problems."

Townshend's hearing problems have long been an issue. He played an acoustic guitar for much of the 1989 reunion tour, leaving the bulk of the lead work to Steve "Boltz" Bolton. In the 1979 documentary 'The Kids Are Alright,' Townshend relays a story to Keith Moon about visiting an ear specialist, who proceeded to tell Who manager Bill Curbishley that maybe Pete should "learn to lip-read," causing Moonie to crack up.

The Who Nov. 1 'Quadrophenia + More' Setlist

1. 'I Am the Sea'
2. 'The Real Me'
3. 'Quadrophenia'
4. 'Cut My Hair'
5. 'The Punk and the Godfather'
6. 'I'm One'
7. 'The Dirty Jobs'
8. 'Helpless Dancer'
9. 'Is It in My Head?'
10. 'I've Had Enough'
11. '5:15'
12. 'Sea and Sand'
13. 'Drowned'
14. 'Bell Boy'
15. 'Doctor Jimmy'
16. 'The Rock'
17. 'Love, Reign O'er Me'


18. 'Pinball Wizard'
19. 'Behind Blue Eyes'
20. 'Who Are You'
21. 'You Better You Bet'
22. 'Baba O'Riley

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